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How It Works

How it Works

WhiteBox Services

The WhiteBox Program will provide the following services:

  1. Government reception for your ideas/products/innovations
  2. Promotion and networking opportunities

WhiteBox Lab


Equipped working spaces with administration support, to qualified startups.

Technical Assistance

Access to expert guidance from a network of industry, legal, management and finance experts to provide guidance on financing opportunities and access to market strategies.
Financial Support

Financial Support

Professional guidance and support to participating ventures to attract relevant financial support

Access to Markets

The Government will support the WhiteBox Program by promoting the use of local products and innovations within Government and in the Private Sector.

Linkage to Investors

Business growth opportunities through conferences, seminars, meetups, investment forums and targeted networking opportunities
Financial Support

Incubation and Acceleration

At the very least, appropriate MOUs may be entered with relevant bodies such as the Youth Fund for support.
In clear instances of product success in the market, financial support maybe considered.

WhiteBox Support Centers